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Stop Saying “Someday” to Your Dreams

Y on flickr.comIn my first ebook Someday My Ship Will Come In, I talk a lot about being aware of life and not getting too comfortable with things. And because I practice what I preach, I regularly review not just my life, but my Someday Syndrome Cure products.

Circumstances change and I learn new things (thanks to my awesome clients who give me amazing feedback!).

I could sit back on my heels and just leave my Someday Syndrome Cure products as they are – after all they’re rock-on good and offer fantastic value exactly as they are.

But that would be turning on the autopilot and choosing the comfortable road.

Two things I will not do, especially when it comes to your Somedays.

So, what does that all mean?

Well, I’ve decided that when I publicly launch my next ebook – I’ll Get Around To It Someday – at the end of the month (newsletter subscribers already got a crack at downloading it earlier this week), I will be taking the first one off the market to update and expand it.

So that means you have exactly 13 days to download a copy of Someday My Ship Will Come In before it disappears for a while. Also because I plan on expanding it, the price will go up when I relaunch it. Not by much, but it will increase.

Therefore if you’ve been procrastinating about figuring out your dreams and diving into living the life you want instead of a life on autopilot or a life of “should” then choose to stop procrastinating about you dreams and download a copy of Someday My Ship Will Come In today at the about-to-disappear price of $24.95.

Plus! (Yes, of course there’s a plus)

I know you – in fact I used to be exactly like you. I would buy a book and then let it sit, ignoring it and basically wasting the money I just spent on it. I’m certain that one of the reasons you’re hesitating about buying the ebook and making your dreams come true is that you’re not sure you’ll actually get around to doing anything about it.

But think of the awesome changes that could happen if you did! Just take a look at the progress the Lab Rats made going through the ebook.

You want that, don’t you?

It’s about accountability and feedback. The Lab Rats had to get their exercises done because the world was waiting to read what they had to say.

Unfortunately I can’t offer the free Lab Rat experience to everyone, but I can offer the same sort of accountability through a Guided Tour of the ebook.

A guided what?

Through email-based conversations you and I work through the ebook, you doing the exercises and me providing feedback and customize-designed questions that will help you expand the ebook and make a better and more complete change in your life.

And the cost?

Only $199 US for nine weeks of email-based coaching.

That’s right. For just my newsletter subscribers, I’m offering nine whole weeks of coaching for what I would normally charge for one month and half of guided tour email-coaching. That’s a nearly 40% discount.

So, if you want to find your dream and begin your Someday Journey, you won’t want to miss this offer.

As I said, when I launch the next ebook based on kicking the procrastination habit, I’ll be taking this first one off the market to update it.

That means you have less than two weeks to take advantage of my assistance in finding and following your dreams. (Of course you could always hire me with through my regular Someday Coaching Services but they don’t come with such a great discount).

Buy Now

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