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Become a Nomad with the Location Independent Business Course

The Location Independent Business CourseAs a small business person, I never say no to new clients – unless I recognize that they’d be better served by someone else. I’m not about to take someone’s money if I know of a service or product that will give them what they need as if it was designed specifically for them.

And that’s exactly what I did last month with someone who took advantage of the two complimentary email-based coaching sessions I offer. I always start the process off with an email interview. When I saw this person’s answers I immediately thought: she doesn’t need me. She needs the Location Independent Business Course.

Why did I turn away potential business and send it somewhere else?

Because she knew exactly what she wanted but was just lacking the process of how to do it. In her own words, she said:

I would like to travel the world, not as a tourist, but as someone self employed who can live in each country for a matter of months, get to know the culture, broaden my mind, and explore the variety of life earth creates.

I could probably hand Lea and Jonathan this sentence as a description of their ideal client and save them a lot of work.

I learned in my first business as a Professional Organizer that saying no to a client sometimes is the best thing for the client, for you and for your business. For example, as a Professional Organizer I didn’t work with people who had ADHD – so I would refer them to someone who did.

The clients would thank me for matching them up with the right person, the other Professional Organizer would thank me for the business (and usually give me a referral fee of some sort), and I wouldn’t put myself and the client in a situation in which neither of us would benefit just for the sake of the client’s money going into my bank account.

So, what’s so great about the Location Independent Business Course that I’d send business away from me over there?

Well, for one it’s their specialty. The only thing they do is help people set up a location independent business. And they do it in a series of six modules that cover:

  1. The idea for the business including ways to determine if your ideas are profitable.
  2. The strategy for building the business including a one-page business plan (something I recommend to my own clients)
  3. How to get set up no matter where you are in the world including the five “must-have” tools to run a successful location independent business
  4. How to market globally instead of locally including getting into the minds of your customers
  5. What you need to automate your systems making it easy to remove yourself from as many of the processes as possible, and
  6. What you need to travel from place to place in terms of visas, health documents and business best practices.

As you saw in Monday’s Someday Interview with Lea Woodward of Location Independent, she’s lived it. She’s traveled the world while working with her husband. They’ve made the mistakes that cost them lots of money that you can avoid spending by taking their course.

So, if the Someday you’ve been putting off is packing up and traveling the world (or country) while earning a living, I’d highly recommend you check out Lea and Jonathan’s website and especially their Business Course – it could be just what you need to bust that Someday.

P.S. Yes, I am an affiliate of Location Independent so if you sign up for their course you’re helping me build the business that helps others bust their own Somedays.

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